Specializing in the production of High frequency transformers&Common mode choke &SMD power inductors &Digital amplifier inductors and other magnetic components.

Specializing in manufacturing alternatives to Wurth, Sumida, Coilcraft TDK (EPCOS) transformer inductors, the price is more competitive!

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Company News
china latest news about The company website on-line

The company website on-line

[2015-02-08 09:24:06]
Better customer service, better showcase the company's products, the company's Website, and welcome to visit We will continue to strive to do better, because we have been working hard! www.dgpinzhan.com Read More
china latest news about BOBBIN and winding diameter of choice

BOBBIN and winding diameter of choice

[2015-01-22 17:05:13]
The main transformer in the circuit play on the current transformation, isolation, regulators and so on. Because of the wide use of many types of transformers. This leads to the part when the transformer produces a difficult choice, what should be how to choose a suitable transformer circuit it? ... Read More
china latest news about Product Environmental Commitment

Product Environmental Commitment

[2014-10-26 21:52:44]
Product Environmental Commitment: Our company produces products used materials: Bobbin / Base Core / Clip Wire Tape Solder Epoxy Tube Varnish Thinner Flux Meets UL & RoHS Our material suppliers do not meet our requirements will not introduce and use, customers ease www.dgpinzhan.com P&Z Electronic ... Read More
china latest news about Product Downloads

Product Downloads

[2014-09-26 18:25:31]
The Company has uploaded products will have a corresponding PDF corresponding information for customers to download After opening the product specifications picture, there will be marked and PDF product line item number below Shown on Figure Read More
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